Santiago, Chile

Casa Behm project

Interior Designer AdDI María José Martínez, María José Martínez Interior Design

About the Project:

A very modern and minimalist family commissioned this project, and the idea was to reflect that style in this open kitchen, which is visible from all common areas of the house.

The kitchen, the living and dining room, and the terrace are all large open spaces, so it was a priority that they always appeared orderly. For this reason, we decided to create furniture that would fulfill this purpose, with a large central island in the middle of the kitchen, where everything happens.

Main advantages of working with FDV:

The aesthetic and functional aspects are fundamental for the selection of kitchen appliances. In this project, FDV adapted well to what I sought to achieve: a modern kitchen with appliances that matched this style. On the other hand, the coordination with FDV and the after-sales service is essential and helped me a lot in developing this project. Deliveries were on time, and communication with the client was very fluid, which is another reason I chose them.