Best quality kitchen appliances

Our origin

FDV is a brand that blends design, technology, safety, and quality, resulting in innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and highly efficient products.

From the outset, we have always aimed to be pioneers in the supply of kitchen equipment, ensuring that our customers' satisfaction exceeds their expectations.

Our journey as leaders

As industry leaders, we have established a strong relationship with the sector over the past two decades. Our understanding of the market and the unique value propositions required to meet its needs has allowed us to capture more than 55% of the market share in Chile and Peru.

Our commitment to growth and innovation has led to remarkable progress. From selling a modest 40,000 units in 2014 to over 250,000 units in 2022, we have become the market leader and the perfect partner for anyone seeking to transform their kitchen into a space of unforgettable moments.

The path we've made

After a successful 20-year trajectory, FDV now offers a wide range of kitchen equipment that perfectly complements open, closed, or integrated spaces in tune with consumer and home changes.

We're proud to have completed over 500,000 units with over 100 partners in Chile and now in the United States.