Santiago, Chile

Kitchen for a passionate gourmet project

Interior Designer: AdDI, Paulina Ríos, Ríos Diseño

About the project:

This project, located in an apartment in Las Condes, consisted of a comprehensive remodeling of the kitchen and utility room to give new value to cooking and sharing among family and friends. The proposal had to meet several requirements of the homeowners, who are expert cooks, great gourmets, and hosts. Still, above all, it had to be a welcoming and functional space containing the different and numerous utensils, crockery, glassware, collections, library, and wines. All in an environment perfectly zoned according to functions and emphasized by lighting. A kitchen to enjoy and savor, making cooking and eating an unforgettable experience.

Main advantages of working with FDV:

FDV provides personalized advice where you can find all the kitchen appliances, from a simple one to a more sophisticated one, with products with cutting-edge innovation, technology, and design.